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This is start of tutorial series for FPSKit. Now you can learn basics, logics and relation of FPSKit. This is very hard work to made all of this tutorials so i can miss something or do some thing not actually brilliant, sorry me for that, but i really hope it will be helpfully. OMA will annotate and correct my errors in comments. So lets start.

Basics, logic and relations of kit:

Animation tutorial for kit (How to Animate weapon with standart hands):

Adding a new weapon from scratch:

In next tutorials i will show you how to add a new weapon to standart kit's hands, we will closely look at the weapons scripts and weapon types, we will create from scratch a new grenades, ill release extendet version of fpskit which will contain some new weapons, zombies bang heads and maybe somthing else. Hope it helps you! See you in the next part
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how can I use this kit on a new scene to make my own game??

Can i have that model please from the 3rd video please? I want it :'(

thank you very much bro,
keep up the good works, tutes like this help us very much :)

I glad what my tutorials are helpful! smile

I annotate some my missings in videos.

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