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Multiplayer Mobile FPSKit by Deatrocker [free][Download][Unity3d]

First of all, Thanx to TheMars2011, its he who instructing me how to add multiplayer, and thanx to pokeyoshi for his multiplayer scripts.
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2 SalvatruchaThe13  
U're tha awesome one!
Btw u'r English not bad rly , just imma using American slang all tha time hehe

Красава в общем)

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1 Giangi  
Hi, how can I configure the kit for using on pc(or webplayer), in particular i need to know how to set up the playerprefab. Do I have to see the original armed unity fps kit?
thank you in advance and very nice Job, I like your work and could be very usefull for everybody

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