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Augmented FPSKit v3 [Free][Download]

Hi, its new release of Augmented FPSKit.
New features:
-Improved Flashlight (With Drop/Pickup)(default key to drop: [ )(default key to swith onoff: f)
-Night Vision Device (With Drop/Pickup)(default key to drop: ] ) (default key to swith onoff: n)
-NEW Improved Motion Blur
-New weapon from MW2
-Zombie Bang Heads
-Bonus: Just for fun Boss enemy XD

OMA'S site:
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I can't download this packages..can you give me the right link please.. :)

link dont work for me please upload somewhere als
Access denied
Download this file from after clicking this link it says again the same thing so i cant download it

HackJunky go to weaponmanager and deactivate all weapons from inspector ... that worked for me

Can you make a tutorial on this and show us how to set it up?

Quick question, how can I turn the FPS Player into a prefab? I can do it, but when I pull the prefab in again, the player has all weapons equipped and bugs out. Any ideas?

It appears the link st the top of your web page is broken the one entitled "main page" took me to a Russian porn website?

Click On

"Augmented FPSKit v3 [Free][Download]"

Not On Ads :P tongue

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