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Augmented FPSKit by Deatrocker v4 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Augmented FPSKit V4:
- Black Edition by Deatrocker its include (black skins for weapons, gloves for player)
- Few fixes: Collision fix, all weapon activating fix
- Player Statistics Window (Lv, Score, Kills, Headshots, Health, Slowmo)(press TAB by default)
- Slowmo ability! (If you buy Slow mo ability press B by default)
- Slowmo effect
- Improoved level up system which increase Health every time when we rich new level
- (PRO ONLY) New Dead player's effect
- Store (Press M by default)!
- New money system for Store
- Some changes in original scripts
- Upgradable skills (Press M by Default)
- Legs from first view (with Jump and Run animations!)
- Configured weapons balance
- Correct sounds
- Progress bars
- Grenade script (now its fast trow of grenade without changing weapon but its just a test without animation)

Known bugs:
- When we exit vehicle our pnv device is switching on (In next updates it will be corrected)
- No grenade throw animation
- in slowmo sound dont slowing

In next updates:
- Bug fixes
- More realistic shop with vendor and awailabnes to buy weapons and ammo and etc
- More character statistics and rpg elements
- (Maybe) blood decals around hitted enemy
- Stick c4
- (Maybe) limbs cutting
- and more

Big Thanx to OMA ( without him this project would never have seen the light. 
Also thanx to bibbobbib (
Dont forget to visit my web site -
Good Luck to All and have a good time!

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Thank you man, it help me a lot. I can make my dream game with your KIT. :x

How we open it

Hı My Name is


How will it throw b Are video?

I can't download from deposit too, dropbox will be great.

и где ссылка на скачивание?

Oh Sorry I Have Readed The Description And Ok I Am Sorry

It's a wonderful work !!... but, hm, how to change the key to move??... it's in a script or "in" unity? (i'am a little new in unity) x)

Nice job, again. Sorry my english, but i am brazilian. And thanks for share your FPSKit for free. ~le crazy hug~

извините не та я не мог отредактировать

при тестировании было все норм но под конец вот что выпало
это картинка скрин, как исправить?

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